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21 декабря 2017

Navigator is a modern factory specializing on the design and production of steel structures and taking the orders for all kinds of metal structures.

Many years’ experience on the metal structures market, qualified top-ranked specialists, modern automated machinery, high quality tools and high technologies implementation permits our company to successfully execute advanced level works.


The customers interest to Navigator is, first of all, determined by the reasonable price and the high quality of products. The competent technologies implementation permits the factory to sustain the prices on the accessible level; and the perfect products quality is, first of all, determined by unorthodox design solutions, well organized production and personnel professionality. All metal structures, produced by our company, are of the highest quality of the respective kinds.

Among products which we produce are equipment and accessories for gas-turbine stations, control module and oil management system cases, sound-attenuating systems, firms and deposit occurrences roof covers. Moreover, we produce cases and accessories for waste-water treatment and purification plants, tanks under pressure, flanges, unusual equipment, pipeline infrastructure elements, supporting structures, sections, conveyer metal structures, bunkers and other articles, also we execute their assembling and further service.


Our company produces sound-attenuating systems, exhaust systems, compressor package and gas-turbine thermal power plant infrastructure systems, rig shelters, turbo-power units for field deposits of Gazprom and Lukoil companies.

Qualified top-ranked specialists and production machinery permits Navigator to produce buildings metal structures of any complexity within the prescribed time limits. The productive capacity of our company is 200-300 t of metal structures a month.


Our company use only high quality standard steel materials such as hull plate, sorted corrosion-resisting steel and stainless steel.

Furthermore, Navigator combines several production types: blank, machining and welding productions.


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