Relocatable buildings

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21 декабря 2017

Since 2003 Navigator produces relocatable buildings of its own engineering development meant for the comfortable placement of the work force and equipment.

The relocatable buildings are used in the construction sites and in the special facilities. We offer autonomous houses (makeshift barracks) and single-store and two-storied complexes.

The main advantages of our relocatable buildings are:

  • Minimal production and put into operation terms;
  • Long lifetime;
  • Possibility of many relocations.

Types of relocatable buildings

We produce all types of relocatable buildings. We prepared base cases for your accommodation. Also you can order relocatable building with your own options arrangement.

Metal cabins
Economic and practical

Field offices
Comfortable and presentable

Container unit
Industrial buildings

Boarding cars
On sled or chassis

Dismountable module buildings
Constructions on basis of container units

Relocatable buildings complement

Firm and light metal frame guarantees robustness and safety of our relocatable buildings. It permits to change size, to create rooms of the optional planning, to change number and position of windows and doors, to install buildings one on another.

Modern finish materials provides comfortable conditions and presentable appearance.

Wide variety of components permits to create buildings of various profiles and various comfortability.

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