Rockfall protection nets

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21 декабря 2017

Our Company produces extra-strong rockfall protection nets made from zinc coated steel wire in diameter 3mm, 4mm. Size of the nets can vary according to the demands of the Client. The rockfall protection nets are used in rockfall barriers in the mountainous areas in order to protect highways and railways, pipelines, industrial facilities, buildings and constructions from rockfalls, snowslides and cloudburst floods. Rockfall Protection Nets are exported to Europe.

Advantages of our nets

  • Each net ring supports load of 30 tons;
  • Numerous artificial and natural tests had proved the ruggedness of our nets, that saved elements of infrastructure in Europe and human lives;
  • The high duty is created thanks to the pantented special method of netting;
  • The net is created on the unique working machines, the rings are braided one into another;
  • Our nets are used in rockfall barriers which can resist to the stone stroke with force up to 5000 kJ.

Parameters of nets*

Wire Ø (mm) 3 4
Qty of wires in a strand (pcs) от 7 до 18 от 7 до 18
Zinc min(g/m2) от 60 до 290 от 60 до 290
Strand tensile strength (kg/mm2) 127 127
Inner diameter of ring (mm) 350 350
Strand Ø (mm) 9 12

*size and parameters can vary according to needs of the Client.


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