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21 Декабря 2017

Traveling cranes

Our company specializes on the production of double-beam traveling cranes with a lifting capacity of 50/10 t, console cranes, single-girder overrunning and underrunning cranes with a lifting capacity of 16 t. Also we do the complete set of assembly and start-and-adjustment operations, and we execute the servicing warranty and post-warranty maintenance.

We offer special explosion-proof cranes for gas and oil companies.

The Navigator company produces double-beam traveling cranes. We have our own construction department, that permits us to design cranes according to the individual Client's demands with allowances made for all performatives and conditions.

Our cranes are fitted out with the equipement of the best european producers. The modern equipement permits us to produce cranes to a high precision, that significatly simplifies the crane assembling and ensures the long service life. The trials and the100% butt welds ultrasonic control are carried out at the factory.

Many established companies are among our clients. The reference list may be given as may be agreed. Tel. +7 (342) 250-49-87.

To order the crane you can fill the data input form and fax it at the number (342) 250-49-90 or send an e-mail to



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